Common problems of USB flash drive

About speed:

Due to computer configuration、USB flash drive format、the size of the file and the number of copies of the USB flash drive will affect the actual speed.therefore,USB flash drive in the actual use of the speed are different, is a normal phenomenon, not the quality of the problem!


About capacity:

About the difference of USB flash drive capacity:Due to the difference between the calculation mode of the chip and the operating system (chip 1GB = 1000M,Operating system is 1024M=1GB),Plus the USB flash drive will take up some space after the format of the product,As usually 8GB actual available capacity about 7.2GB, 16GB of actual available capacity about 14.4GB, 32GB actual available capacity of about 28.8GB, 64GB actual available capacity of about 57.7GB, by analogy!


About temperature:

To highlight the product's Mini and portable, we will be the USB flash drive product volume design is smaller, and the use of the full metal shell heat conductivity is better (ie, strong heat dissipation),therefore, long time use of the feeling of heat is caused by metal conduction heat, which belongs to the normal range, does not affect the application and performance. Due to the strong metal heat, 20 seconds after the use of speed cooling (plastic products do not feel hot, because the heat does not come out, easily lead to quality problems)!


Private custom instructions:

The need for custom lettering, non mass customization product packaging is required to open the laser engraving!


About cell phone compatibility:

The use of mobile phone mobile phone u need to support the OTG function, the Android version in 4 or more,Do you support OTG mobile phone can Baidu: mobile phone brand + model + support OTG function? The other disk format is set to FAT32!


About scratch:

USB flash drive are currently used international standard USB interface size, but due to the tightness of the USB computer error, resulting in the USB interface of the computer read USB flash drive data caused by metal shrapnel tight grip USB flash drive interface!


About the interface is tight or loose

At present, the international standard size are adopted USB flash drive usb\Micro USB\typec interface, such as, but because of the tightness of the mobile phone USB interface errors, there is moderate, tight or too loose is a normal phenomenon!


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